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Best location - safe, cheap and right on the port of Engelhartszell!

Due to the great feedback from customers and their knowledge that the vehicles are safe with us, we grow a little more every year and are also becoming more and more popular!

We now have many regular customers who simply love our parking spaces and pass this on to friends and acquaintances! THANKS

“clever-parken“ engelhartszell e.U.
Inh. Astrid Straßl

We are the Straßl family!

My parents bought the petrol station in Engelhartszell in 1978 and constantly modernized it, and in 1980 they also opened an inn. My father runs the gas station and my mother runs the inn. My husband Thomas, supports us wherever he can, he is flexible and on duty everywhere! We are a real family company.

When we found out in 2015 that a large shipping company was now leaving Engelhartszell exclusively, it was immediately clear to me that people needed parking! So I decided to build garages and parking spaces for tourists on our property - just like at Munich Airport! Said and done!
Unfortunately, the authorities took a long time and were also very rocky, but there is no giving up in the Straßl house!
On June 1st, 2016 the time had finally come, I opened my little company!

Our 3 school-age children give us a lot of joy! A big thank you also to my in-laws, who always take great care of our children.

We are there for you, it is not just an empty phrase, because we take care of you personally every day!

Maybe see you soon at "clever-parken" engelhartszell e.U.

Sincerely, Astrid Straßl

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